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Many attics often go without use for years. You might have even forgotten that you have one. But, your forgotten it might be adding to your energy bills. You need attic insulation in your Battle Creek, MI home to deal with this problem.

It can help you reduce your energy bills, though. With our spray foam insulation, you get a barrier against excess moisture, noise blockage, and mold repellant. The rodents are also kept out.

However, it is just one part of your building. So, why is the insulation of this area of your house or office essential?

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Why A Battle Creek, MI Attic Insulation is Important?

The winters in Battle Creek, MI, can get freezing and snowy. Unless you like wearing cardigans indoors, you turn on your heater to combat the cold. You might not know that you are not getting the most of the heat from your HVAC system.

Hot air travels upwards. With an uninsulated attic, the heat from the system escapes out of the building. Worse yet, the heating system is forced into overdrive to compensate for the lost heat. This problem also applies on hot days, making the air conditioning ineffective.

Attic insulation in your Battle Creek, MI building would help you deal with this problem. It seals in the heat and conditioning, giving your HVAC system less work. Therefore, the insulation helps you reduce your energy bills as heating and cooling takes 55% of the bill.

The benefits don’t stop there, as we have highlighted before. Our spray foam insulation can help you keep moisture from getting into your building. It also strengthens that structure. Mold gets repelled from the lack of moisture and food materials.

There is no reason you shouldn’t prioritize attic insulation in your Battle Creek, MI home and office. The air quality will increase, and you can use your attic again with stable temperatures. You’ll get value for your money.

But, before you plunge there are certain important things you should know.

Before Your Attic Insulation in Battle Creek, MI

While it can seem like a pretty small project, it is not something you plunge into without a plan. There are arrangements you have to put in place if you want to make the most of your insulation for a long time. We have highlighted some of them.

  • Fix any water leaks in your attic before insulation, as they could damage the insulation.

  • Check for other structural damages that might impede the insulation and repair it.

  • You can add more insulation to an under-insulated attic.

  • Choose the best attic insulation materials based on R-value and budget. We recommend spray foam insulation as it gives you the best value for money.

  • Don’t forget you need a professional to get it right the first time.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the details that have to go into your attic insulation in Battle Creek, MI? Don’t be! With professionals, the entire process will be stress-free.

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