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Battle Creek Crawl Space Insulation

Are you always having cold feet? Your mind might not be the culprit. It might just be that you need insulation for your Battle Creek, MI home or office.

You probably don’t even know you have a crawl space. Many new buildings no longer have crawl spaces . However, if you live in an older building, check the crawl space. Only about 15% of houses in the United States have crawl spaces.

What does crawl space insulation mean? How do you get one? Is it really important? Let’s give you some answers!

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What Does A Crawl Space Insulation in Battle Creek, MI Mean?

A crawl space is an area underneath your floor with a limited height. It is much like a basement, only that it is only about one to five feet high at most. So, you will need to crawl to get into the space, thus the name – crawl space.

Since it is difficult to reach or use, you might be tempted to ignore this building area when insulating. But that would be a mistake. Crawl spaces can gather moisture and cause heat loss. The moist air invites mold and mildew, which is bad for the health.

With a Battle Creek, MI insulation, you can mitigate this problem and reclaim your home or office. The insulation will help you maintain the temperature in your house. You also get to keep your building’s foundation in sound shape.

Before you crawl into your building’s crawl space and wonder how to insulate, you need to understand what a Battle Creek, MI insulation entails.

Getting a Crawl Space Insulation for Battle Creek, MI Buildings

Does getting inside the crawl space of your building make you shudder? Well, it’s a good thing that you don’t have to do your Battle Creek insulation yourself. We have professional technicians that will help you handle every aspect of the insulation.

However, you might want to know a few things before the experts get to work. While the US Department of Energy recommends R-19 value on uninsulated floors, the type of  insulation depends on different factors. We have highlighted some things you should know.

  • Large crawl spaces affect your energy bills more. If your crawl space runs the entire length of the building, you need to take the insulation seriously. A small space might not change much unless you notice mold and mildew.

  • You might have to seal off your vents for effective insulation.

  • You need to stop any water inlets in your crawl space and repair all damages before attempting insulation.

  • Don’t go crawling into too-narrow spaces. You don’t want to get stuck. You should leave your Battle Creek, MI crawl space insulation to professionals who know how to navigate these problems.

  • Use water-resistant insulation. We recommend spray foam insulation.

While you might do some little repairs to prepare your crawl space for insulation, it is best to leave the insulation to professionals. You will get the results you seek without any stress.

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At Battle Creek Spray Foam Insulation, we have the expertise and tools to help you keep your feet warm and energy bill low. Our insulation service helps you keep the heat and cool contained with the extra benefit of locking out mold-causing moisture.

Please book an appointment with us today! Your Battle Creek, MI insulation would be effective, safe, and stress-free.

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